Thursday, 6 August 2009

Flight of the Navvagatty

The Boss : "Where's Navva Gattys?" [my best guess at phonetic reproduction there]

Here's me : "How do you spell it?"

The Boss, with disdain and impatience : "As it sounds."

Here's me, with a total lack of self control :"Fuck! haha ha! I fucking doubt it!"

The Boss is looking through the biblical document that is Lloyd's Loading List, unable to find the port she seeks within it's pages. I spend a few minutes falling about laughing before asking again:

"No, really, how do you spell it?"

The Boss : "As it SOUNDS. N-A-V-I-G-A-T-E. "

I've turned a funny purple colour from suppressed laughter now. She's still trying to find it on the map.