Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dick! Mary! Jim! Jesus!

The Boss : "Phone Richard."

Here's me : "Richard who?"

The Boss, disgusted : "You had a meeting with her last month, do you not pay attention to anything?"

Here's me, a bit slow today : "I had a meeting with a woman called Richard last month?"

The Boss : "Richard Mary."

Here's me : "I had a meeting with a woman called Richard Mary last month? I'm sure I would have remembered this..."

The Boss, hostile : "Fax Mary!"

Here's me : "Fax yourself! What the fax are you talking about?"

The Boss : "There's an e-mail here from Mary for you."*

* The Boss still hasn't grasped the notion that when an e-mail is sent, to both of us, I can see it too - there are many of these, we have a general e-mail address for the office, and she insists upon telling me about each and every one of them. It's a tangent, yes, but I'm just getting it off my chest, ok?

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