Friday, 27 November 2009

I Mean What.The.Fuck

The Boss : "Give me Ken's email."

Here's me : "Ken who?"

The Boss : "Ken... key.. Keating."

Here's me : "Who is Ken Keating?"

Is this shit getting as old for you, the reader, as it is for me?

The Boss : "Ronan Keating."

Here's me : "Ronan fucking Keating is the fucking singer from fucking Boyzone. Please. Sort your head out."

The Boss : "Gary Kielty."

Here's me : "Fuck. My. Life."

The Boss : "Read me out his e-mail?"

Here's me : "What, I mean fucking what??"

The Boss : "Read me out Gary Kielty's e-mail."

Here's me, probably spitting : "What? What? I don't even have an e-mail from Gary Kielty! Who the fuck is Gary Fucking Kielty?"

The Boss : "I'll forward it to you."

Just what the fuck. What the fuck. What the fucking fuck.


  1. At the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious, your gaffer appears to be a suitable case for treatment. Utterly hatstand.

  2. I hope you're ok Koala... you seem tenser than usual :(

  3. Do you at least get a decent amount of time off over Christams? You really do deserve some!

  4. Um, I get two days off... bugger it all...

  5. Oh fuck, I am crying.