Wednesday, 2 December 2009


The Boss : "Have you got Baker Taker Milly Moon?"

OK. I can take a wild stab in the dark at this - I'm guessing it refers to Baker Tilly Mooney Moore, our accountants. As to what the question itself means, your guess is as good as mine I'm sure.

Here's me : "Have I got them? What do you mean have I got them? Have I got their number, is that what you're asking me?"

The Boss : "Have you seen them? Seen it?"

Here's me, slowly : "Uh, what? Have I seen the accountants? Um, yes. During the last audit, I think?"

The Boss : "I'm going to see it tonight."

Here's me : "What? You're going to see the accountants?"

The Boss : "The moon."

Here's me : "What?"

The Boss : "It's... full moon... tonight. Going to see it."

Here's me : "Are you on something?"

The Boss : "New Moon. I'm going to see New Moon in the cinema tonight."


  1. Aliya - Accidental Blog Finder2 December 2009 at 17:47

    I think your boss is great! Admit it you love her really?
    The stories you write on here are great, always makes me laugh without fail. :)

  2. Dear Lord, this woman is crazy. Seriously, does she have brain damage? The questions she asks aloud do not relate in any shape or form to the questions in her head. How does she function in society??? And Aliya, I'M SORRY??? There's is no way anyone, not even Mother Teresa or the Pope could love a grown woman who is that rude, demanding, and communication defunct.

  3. You'll HAVE to let us know tomorrow if she actually did go to the cinema. With actual other people. *Does* this woman actually have friends? *Can* this woman actually have friends?

  4. She went to see Twillight? She's more mental than any of us could have ever imagined. Good luck Koala, get read for an influx of Vampire related mad gibbering in the coming week!

  5. She seems like a prime candidate for loving Twilight. Braindead fuckhead, with vagina.