Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Checkpoint Total Charlie

The Boss : "Where's the checkpoint?"

Here's me : "The checkpoint?"

The Boss : "The euro checkpoint?"

Here's me : "I have no idea what you're talking about."

The Boss : "The checkpoint going from UK to euro."

Here's me : "Uh, what?"

The Boss : "Is it near the City Hall?"

Here's me, sinking into the mire : "What? What the fuck? What?"

Sometimes it feels like I'm drowning, you know.

(Turns out she was asking me "Where can I find a Euro-dispensing ATM?")


  1. I must have read too many of these; I knew what she wanted at "euro checkpoint".

  2. You're hired. When can you start?

  3. Thanks for keeping me going.

    I am waiting for a bid to come in and all I have to do at the moment is shirk (

    But thankfully shirking is a lot easier with your blog to read. As plenty of other people have said, you should find a publisher and make a book of all this insanity.

    Brown Town

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  5. Without the madness, there would be no website.

    Which do you hold more dear SK; your popularity or your sanity?

  6. Well, see here's the thing. I only started writing this partly to blow off steam and partly for the amusement of a couple of friends. Now people are actually reading it I may have a panic attack over the whole thing any day now...

  7. "fourstar said...
    I must have read too many of these; I knew what she wanted at "euro checkpoint"."

    Me too!

    Hello Mr Koala, your blog was linked on and I've been avidly following since. I love it. I'm relieved to read on an earlier reply that you are, in a weird way, happy in your job. I was concerned for your mental health. I suspect an office as small as yours would struggle with two loopers.

    Keep it up!


  8. Don't worry, you amused me for ages before my RSS reader went mental. You are amusing me again.

    As you were.

    Marks and Spencers have Euro and US Dollar ATMs. Or at least they did when I was there.

    Quick! Liverpool to Invercargill! Nearest port! And give me the answer like the boss would give you. You know, completely wrong.

  9. Liverpool to Immingham Cargo? Stallingborough. Norcargo, in Stallinborough. Norborough. Soup.

  10. Oh, awesome. Made my morning.

    Has to go by road. Nowhere can be 13 hours ahead.

  11. Do you want your soup toasted? Uh, posted? Pro... po.. soap? Do you want your soap roasted? Ro...RoRo!