Monday, 14 December 2009

You Don't Need A Map To Work Here (But It Helps)

The Boss : "How do I get to Lipsig?"

Here's me : "Leipzig?"

The Boss : "Yeah."

Here's me : "It's fairly central. It doesn't make much difference which port you go through, similar distance from either Hamburg or Rotterdam area."

The Boss : "Is Antwerp ok?"

Here's me : "Yeah.

The Boss : "Is Rotterdam ok?"

Here's me : "Yes. Antwerp or Rotterdam are fine."

The Boss : "Zeeburger?"

Here's me, wincing slightly : "Yes."

The Boss : "What, it's the same distance from all of them?"

Here's me, feeling my life slipping away : "Yes. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Zeebroooooge, they're all pretty close together."

The Boss : "I thought they were in different countries?"


  1. Have you ever thought she might be an evil genius, and is just trying to see how far she can push you?

  2. Will it be like in Karate Kid, where I think I'm just painting the bloody fence but by the end of all this I suddenly realise I have Awesome Skillz or something?

  3. If your office was the Big Brother house (and I expect you are glad it is not), The Boss would be on the front page of The Sun every day. Sun readers love a bit of geographail