Friday, 4 December 2009

Baker Taker Milly Over The Moon

So it turns out that this actually does have a grain of reason buried (alive) deep within it; The Boss was supposed to attend a conference on the day in question, arranged by the accountants (Baker Taker Milly Maker Moon Raker Moore, or STHG), regarding imminent changes to the VAT laws. I only gained knowledge of this when I received a mail from them just now questioning the lack of attendance.

This is unusual, that The Boss would arrange to attend such an event herself - normally, tedious shit of this nature is saved for me; however it appears that it was an all day thing at a nice hotel involving a couple of free meals, therefore I knew nothing about it.

So at some point it must have flickered like the light upon the head of a tiny lone senile pilot fish, swimming forlornly through the whirling maelstrom of The Boss's conciousness, but like so many such fragile little thoughts it never managed to break the surface of the murky waters therein, and sank instead into the depths.

I believe the appropriate term is "D'oh!".

I don't know as yet whether she made it to the movie though...


  1. Erm, I don't really get this story.

    So she is going? Or you are? Or no-one is?
    What normally happens?

    Maybe I'm being infected by Koala's Boss's mindfuck but I don't really understand...holy shit Koala-fans! - Maybe Silent Koala has finally flipped to the dark side and started spouting nonsense like his [whatever the Antonym of Progeny is]

  2. Hard for me to tell, I lost all perspective some time ago.

    What I'm saying is, when The Boss was trying to tell me the other day that she was going to the cinema to see New Moon, somehow a bastardized version of the name of the accountants firm slipped into her story - this was essentially her brain burping, telling her that at that very moment she was supposed to be in a conference with said accountants; somewhere in the dim recesses of her mind, the information was struggling to get out, but didn't quite make it.

  3. Ah, makes sense you both missed out on a freebie night - stupid woman...hopefully the impending cold-snap will be the end of her

  4. How can you NOT be interested in VAT law changes? Free meals or not!

  5. Oh kaaaaaay. Yes, these posts are very funny to read, and I do sympathize. However either you are making this stuff up, or you appear to have an incredibly passive, masochistic streak. If this is all true, then the woman has a severe and disabling mental condition, and her employers should be made aware of the situation. It could be argued that you would have grounds for fearing for your personal safety.

    The question is, why do you do nothing about this?
    Suggestion: Pocket MP3 audio recorders. Very cheap these days, and work great. Get one that uses rechargeable AAA batteries, and can record for a full working day. Archive the files by date. Any really telling conversations, make typed transcripts (as you are doing, but now you have something to back it up.) When you have sufficient, have a quiet word with the higher-ups. And possibly the local mental health authorities. Offer only the transcripts, let them ask you for the recordings if they want.

    Or, just start looking for another job. No one should have to put up with sh*t like that.
    And you realize that if you do suffer it long enough, you're likely to end up with mental problems yourself? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder isn't very funny.