Monday, 14 December 2009

Tell Me No More

We have been extremely busy today and as a result The Boss's brain is almost totally seizing up. I'm expecting to see broken springs and bits of rusty wire explode from her head any moment now. I hope you don't think me cruel if I tell you - I have never in all my bloody life heard one person talk so much utter shite in one day. I swear her gob is like a fucking busted u-bend this day. As I was making to leave, like literally half way to the door with my coat on, she did this thing that annoys the hell out of me - it would annoy the hell out of any right-thinking person, I hope - she's talking (shite) to someone on the phone and snaps her fingers at me to get my attention. Yes, actually. She actually raises an arm in the air and snaps her fucking fingers several times while glaring at me as if she had ordered the foie gras but I've just set a plate of steaming fresh turds in front of her.

Here's me, I can't even dignify this with words : "-"

The Boss : "Speak to Simon. Ast him. I don't know. Pre-advice. Pre-manifest. I need you to... " she slows, falters... "I need... I don't know. I give up."

You and me both.


  1. you need a hug, and given that alcohol is probably not advisable in the workplace (for so many reasons!) and fucking strong cuppa!

  2. I completely understand. Clicking fingers = anger-making!

  3. Grrrr...anytime anyone in work everdid that to me, the icy red flag of red-headed fury would descend...