Friday, 12 February 2010

Clocking In

Hello chums.

Sorry for the lack of posting, I was away for a couple of days then managed to contract the godawful bastard of a thing which is the "Winter Vomiting Bug". Jesus. Talk about sick. I still feel pretty run down now but am at least on solids again. Although I'd really like some liquids, hey.

But anyway. Have since returned to work and The Boss has of course went even madder in my absence, which I have a certain amount of sympathy for because it's not that easy when your only other colleague is missing unexpectedly. Pleasingly it's been more the amusing end of mad rather than the "I'm going to end up beating you with a hammer" kind of mad, which is good because I think the latter would have killed me in my weakened condition.

Sit back, I'll tell ye.


  1. How on earth did TB not implode in your absence?

    Hope you'll be back on proper liquids soon ;)

  2. Koala! Missed you! I am in Australia surrounded by your distant bretheren of the trees now. Sorry to hear you've been sick? Hope things are getting better...
    Eurgh, 'winter vomiting bug' just sounds horrendous. I'm with Rebecca and hope you'll be back on the good stuff soon.

  3. Norovirus, eh? You poor fucker.

  4. Welcome back my good man! You've been missed!! Glad you're feeling better :D