Friday, 29 January 2010

Fight The Power (Supply)


"Fight The Power (Supply)"

by SK and TB

being an comedic farce of errors 
featuring an cast of idiots

I got drunk last night. By accident. It happens. As a result, I went into work today with a belting red wine headache, not terminal in the hangover stakes but when combined with my daily existence certainly enough to make me wish that I could believe in a deity purely so that I could pray to the bastard in question for the sweet release of death.

The drama started almost immediately, when shortly after nine in the morning The Boss's computer died, with a terrible ratcheting sound. I spent a couple of reasonably pleasant and boring years back in the dark mists of time working in the field of computer repair, and while my knowledge of most things is now effectively useless, I can just about do a diagnostic in reasonably simple circumstances. The power supply was gone. Fan packed in. The terrible amount of fluff, human hair, shredded paper and bits of bacon trapped in it were my primary clues in my investigations.

Here's me : "No sweat. Fan has packed in on your power supply. There's that old PC in the storeroom, I'll just swap it over."

The Boss : "No."

Here's me : "Thought that."

I've given up trying to use "sense" and "logic", as you may have noticed. Five minutes or so passed, until The Boss realised that nothing was going to happen by itself.


I mean, don't let that fucking Hewlett Packard certification on my CV, which presumably you did fucking read before you hired me, in any way make you think that I'm capable of taking out four screws and plugging a couple of cables in. Drown in it you harpy's bastard, drown.

The Boss, after several minutes of trying to figure out how to send an e-mail with a stapler or whatever : "Should I phone IT?"

Here's me, not feeling very helpful today : "I don't know."

If you are in any kind of dire straits, I have to tell you that's one of the most useful phrases in the English language.

The Boss phones the IT guy, who tells her to get me to swap the power supply. She denies him, in similar fashion, and insists that he must come to the office and fix it. She wants it done right. Why get me to swap the power supply in ten minutes when you could wait until next Thursday for him to fly over from Coventry?

The IT guy, commendably, must have told her in no uncertain terms to wise the fuck up, but still she is not having it, and instead of getting me to swap the power supply, insists instead that I fetch out this old PC from the store and set it up for her to use.

So I do, because I enjoy a laugh as much as the next marsupial.

I diligently do as instructed and set up this machine for her at a different desk. Rather disturbingly, it's one that sits opposite me, as opposed to her normal position to my far left; I don't really like having her in my field of vision, but even my depleted mental capacity can recognised that this whole fucking farce is going to be very short lived. To make this even more delicious, The Boss has also set up her phone at this desk, and has got reception to go in and mess about with patch cables in order to connect it up and so on.

The Boss : "Where do I get my files?"

Here's me, as innocent as a bairn : "Files?"

The Boss : "MY FILES!"

Here's me : "What files?"


Here's me, not quite yet wanting to live, but deciding that I don't want to die for at least another ten minutes : "They're on your computer."

The Boss : "So I can't get them from here?"

Here's me : "Oh, in theory, yes, you can."

The Boss : "HOW??!?"

Here's me : "Through the network."

The Boss : "HOW DO I DO THAT?!??"

Here's me : "You can't, without your own PC connected to the network."

The Boss is actually more confused than enraged. Fuck my head hurts.


I completely ignore this, and the ensuing five minutes of babbled panic as she boots up a PC that hasn't been turned on in a year and it displays various messages, warnings, alerts etc. Finally in a state of utter panic about these alien hack intrusions she phones IT again, talks so much shite I can't even be bothered to repeat it, and then covers the mouthpiece of the phone with her hand, looks at me with daggers coming out of her beady little eyes like I'm a mass murderer, and hisses "HE SAYS HE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU".

Much-put-upon-IT-guy asks me what the problem is and I tell him. He asks me can I fix it and I say yes, and pass him back to The Boss, and she is obviously incredibly pissed off about this but now tells me to fix it.

It is now about half ten in the morning and we have, as a company, achieved a level of fuck-all so immense in it's magnitude you'd need a fucking quantum physicist to work it out.

I take a look at this other PC and find out that the power supplies are in fact incompatible. I tell The Boss this, and she asks me where can she get the right power supply. I foolishly suggest a nearby shop that are both very good, and I am quite friendly with the staff of.

The Boss : "So what do I ask for?"

Here's me : "I'll write it down."

The Boss : "Just tell me!"

Here's me : "I'm writing it down."

I hand her a piece of paper upon which I have written "ATX POWER SUPPLY".

Here's me, because I'm nice : "Look. Do you want me to go and pick this up for you?"

The Boss : "You're just looking for an excuse to skive. I'll get it myself. I'm not stupid, you know, whatever you might think."

Here's me : "Fine."

The Boss : "OK, I'll be back in an hour."

Here's me : "Uh, it's five minutes away."

The Boss : "I have to get the car."

Here's me, thinking I should just grab my keys and my phone and run like buggery : "Wha?"

The Boss : "My phone is in the car."

Yeah. One of my favourite things about mobile phones is that they are mobile, but n'mind.

Here's me : "Wha?"

The Boss : "My phone is in the car and my pin number is in my phone."

Here's me : "Ok, whatever."

So The Boss ventures out and I sit there with glazed eyes and a throbbing head for an hour and a half trying to catch up on about two weeks of work; when she is out of the office is the only time I get to actually work, as you know.

She returns and demands that I perform this task immediately.

This, I do not do. I am mid-flow with an e-mail to a gentleman from Iraq who I am trying, very hard, to get cargo to. You will understand this has it's own difficulties.

Finishing this, I set about replacing her power supply, but find to my dismay that when I put the new one in, it's wrong. That long off-white plug that goes into the motherboard? Too long. I look at the side of the new power supply and see it says "BTX". This is a new one on me; I've been out of the IT loop for many years.

So I go mental.

"YOU could have saved TWO FUCKING HOURS if YOU had let me replace this FUCKING POWER SUPPLY when I SAID TO but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! You had to arse about! You had to FUCKING ARSE ABOUT! AND nooooooooooooooooow, now you come back with THE WRONG FUCKING POWER SUPPLY and what do we do now, eh? where do we go from here? What would you like me to do, because you're in-fucking-charge and this is BOLLOCKS."

The Boss, with a terrifying calmness : "You'll have to go to the shop and get it exchanged. Thanks to you I've already spent more time out of the office than I can afford today."

Here's me : "Fuck you."

Did I actually say that?

Oh fuck, I actually did.

There is something of a staring competition that goes on, and even while the veins in my head are pounding like pistons I am aware that this is probably on the wrong side of the line.

Here's me : "I'm sorry. I'm wound up. I'll go. I didn't mean to say that, but I'm very wound up, it's been a very bad week, my dog had to be put down (this is true, actually - poor wee fella) and I shouldn't have said that. I'll go and fix this."

So I stomped off through the streets and round to the computer shop, kind of vaguely wishing that someone would try and steal my wallet or something so that I could have an excuse for murdering a person, and entered the computer shop to be greeted by the fella I know quite well who works there.

Here's me : "My... fucking idiot... of a Boss, bought a power supply here an hour ago. She, predictably, bought the wrong one. Can you change this for me please?"

Computer Shop Guy : "Nah mate, she got the right one."

Here's me : "No, she didn't. She needs an ATX. This is something called a BTX."

CSG : "There's no such thing as a BTX."

Here's me, trying to stay upright, losing cabin pressure : "Look. The thingy into the motherboard is a totally different shape. Look."

CSG smirks at me, breaks off the little block at the end of this cable which now makes it the correct fit, and smirks again.

Here's me : "I'm sorry. I am the idiot. I am sorry for wasting your time."

I stomp back to the office, with a sort of red curtain in front of my eyes; I walk in and confess all, that I have made a stupid mistake and she got the right power supply. It's always better to admit when you are wrong; this is my firm policy. If someone will not admit when they are wrong, then why the fuck would you believe them when they insist they are right? and so on.

To The Boss, this is like blood in the water to a shark.

"I thought you said you knew all about this, I thought you knew everything, you think you're so smart" and variations on that theme - which continue, even as I crouch, sweating and feeling like I'm having a fucking aneurysm, underneath her desk replacing the power supply.

As I am down there, she comes over and sits in her chair and wheels it in close to the desk. So I am now under the desk with The Boss's legs, her feet are actually touching me. It's fucking revolting down here. Apart from the rest, there are several hundred ripped of scraps of paper and a pair of fucking shoes. I ask her to kindly fucking back off, and continue with my efforts, then poke my head out from under the desk - now within a physical proximity to The Boss I find incredibly fucking distressing - and say :

"I left the screws on your desk, can you pass them down to me?"

The Boss : "No you didn't."

Here's me : "Yes I did."

The Boss : "Well they're not here now."

I can't be arsed with this, so I emerge and go over to the other computer, and take the screws.

The Boss goes mental.

"You can't just... STEAL!... from one, to give to the other!"

Here's me : "Uh..."

The Boss : "You're just robbing Peter to pay Robin!"

Here's me : "Uh..."

I want nothing so much right now as to be in bed, with an overdose of anadin, and possibly a bucket of wine.

I decide the best course course is to ignore the fucking maniac and just proceed to put the fucking screws in, and the remainder of the day passed pretty much unmolested. Sorry, I know you want a better ending, but often in reality endings aren't all they're cracked up to be. Things are certainly coming to a head and I don't know what will happen, but hey, when it happens, I'll tell you.

Enjoy your weekend readers, I do enjoy having you around, and I do appreciate it. Thanks.



  1. A wee gem that was just uttered by my own crazy boss: "But how can [company] be closed today?! You left a voicemail for them!"

    I hope your weekend is a good one.

  2. Mr. Koala, sir, you need to get the hell out of there before you snap from the ongoing insanity and do something powerfully regretful that will make anyone without the proper context think that you are a complete loon.

    from personal experience, mind.

  3. I'm fairly sure that when they day comes that you go into work and find you actually did dismember the boss and use her innards as christmas decorations, your blog could be entered into court records as evidence for temporary insanity.

  4. Sorry about your dog, SK :(

    I'm selfish and can't say you should quit, but watch out for signs of thoughts that are along the lines of 'hmm.. if I slow down, that there car might hit me....'

  5. KILL HER K.
    DO IT.

  6. Hey, sorry about your dog - I've been there myself and it bloody hurts, doesn't it.

    Hope you get a chance to relax this weekend, sounds like you need it.

  7. Poor SK. Please don't explode.

  8. Koala - I have done exactly the same thing with a power supply myself - except in my case I was lucky enough to phone up the shop which sold it to me and have it pointed out to me how to break off the little four-pin connector. Humbling.

  9. @ SK
    I'm sorry about your dog.
    Is there anyone higher up the food chain, you could talk to about your boss and her behaviour?

    @ the 1st Anonymous:
    And I mean this in the nicest possible way,

  10. I work in IT. It's thankfully rare that we do come across a specimen just as inapropriately mentally kitted out for working with computers as you seem to have, when we do - it's pretty much legend.

    However, you have a prime specimen. I fear for you, once or twice in a year is enough to keep the stories churning out in our own circles and that same once or twice is about enough exposure to enable us to keep our own sanity.

    I feel for you mate, I really, really do. Sorry to hear about the dog, been there. :-(

    Hell, at least it's the weekend. I'm with Carlys' sentiments with muppet anon poster above - we need ya round mate. Take care and have a good weekend.

  11. I have a new contract starting on Monday. I really hope it's nowhere near as mental as all that.

    You know what I fucking hate about being wrong and admitting it? It's not the fact that I got something wrong - because shit happens, we all make mistakes, that's being human, that's fucking life. What I hate is the reaction of certain other people when I admit I got something wrong.

    Because whereas I know we're only fucking human and we all make mistakes, most people act like they're infallible.

    Being reminded of your ability to fail by people who are both complete and utter cunts and failures, while at the same time completely incapable of recognising their own ability to fail.

    It's like the adult version of getting something wrong at school and being told to "AHHHHHH! SUFFER!" Only, you know, you can't fucking deck them.

  12. Sending you furry marsupial hugs regarding your dog. I know how that feels- you should do something nice for yourself this weekend to help get rid of all the stress and emotion.

    Hope you're alright man, take care!

  13. You know what, Mr Koala? You are a Good Person.

    I was gonna say that in response to the previous post cos of your refusal to belittle another person despite their being such an enormous pain; the always-admit-if-you're-wrong rule just confirms my suspicions.

    I hope you have a relaxed weekend. Condolences about your dog.

  14. I'll second that elle!

  15. That Bloke in the corner30 January 2010 at 14:28

    Given that you were hung over, I think the power pack mistake can be forgiven, but telling The Boss to Fuck Off-priceless. Get your head in that bucket of wine, it may be the only cure to dealing with The Boss (at least you may be on a near enough altered reality as her).

  16. elle is right. You definitely are a Good Person, and I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Dealing with real life on top of the Boss? That's just unfair. :( Hope things get better for you soon.

  17. Thank you very much folks for the many kind words. Much appreciated.

    (original post now has an image added which I forgot to put up - I didn't mention that the crazy fucking waster-paper basket ju-ju was happening throughout all of this but I barely notice it anymore)

  18. SK, have you been looking for another job? I understand its not financially wise to up and quit, but please tell me for your own sake that you've been trying to leave.

  19. I'm really sorry about your dog.

  20. Just had to have my own cat put to sleep this weekend, so I know how you feel.

    Work-wise I think things are about to come to a head.

    The 10+2 issues, the accounts scanning craziness and normal day-to-day working with her loonyship would be enough, but now you have crossed the "Fuck You" line - a sure sign that relations are about as low as they can get.

    How you both react to all this on Monday morning may well determine if we actually have a blog to read in the days to come!

    I've been there and the only thing that saved me from going mental was that the boss has already been asked to "retire".

    My thoughts are with you SK, all the way.

  21. Hey SK - had a few things going on so just caught up on the latest madness and insanity. Really really sorry to hear about your dog. That's totally shite :-( *hugs*

    I hope you've had a relaxing weekend mate.

    @ Carly *high 5*

  22. I think it says a lot about the kind of person you are that you didn't try to lie and tell her that she had got the wrong one.

    To maintain integrity in the face of all this shite is the mark of a true saint

    happy monday


  23. Keep your chin up, SK. You did the right thing. How did the Official Hearing go?

    By the way, I think this might cheer you up, it's popular-ish on Facebook:

  24. Hey S.K - are the grammar mistakes irony, a mistake, or a joke or quote above my pay-grade?

    I'm talking about these errant 'ans' in:

    "being an comedic farce of errors
    featuring an cast of idiots"

    Just a thought, mine are with you in your hours of need.

  25. Jesus, hilarious. I would rather have this in my face now than perfect grammar later. I think a book deal is in your future.

  26. Cheers everyone. I'll be away for a couple of days here, back later in the week, doubtless to a mess, nobody panic in the meantime :)

    Dr : I was attempting to make ye title into an joke based upon the archaic style of English, which may or may have not failed to quite work.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Verily I thought ye archaic Englishe title was most amusing. Doctor Duke Guy is an dunce, forsooth.

  29. Dammit man, leave now! Through a coat over your head and run. Don't look back

  30. @S.K - I didn't think that you would have made such an elementary mistake, but I was just rationalising your mind in case of passed, for now ;)

  31. OMG!!! UR great K....Don't let that crazy cow get you down!!! lol x

  32. "my phone is in my car and my pin number [sic] is in my car"
    "thanks to you i've spent too much time out of the office already"

    breathtaking utterances. hang in there koala. i admire you for admitting the power supply mistake, could easily have said you exchanged it. you're too honourable for this campaign

  33. ^^oops " my phone"

  34. no no no it's half eleven and that's way to long for me....back in the morning to read it properly....

  35. So, did you point out to her how much less time it took you to get to the shop and back?

  36. I need something shipping to Canada, Kansas, Canterbury... How much?

  37. Can I start panicking yet?

  38. ha maybe the boss copped on to the blog and the silent koala got a letter from her lawyer. ill be sick if that the case only found this blog last week and its class

  39. Come back Silent Koala. I have been checking for updates everyday. Where are you? This blog keeps me sane during my own slog through work!

  40. Oh dear. I'm worried about Koala. He has the weird sleep thing and the bifurcated vulva and the trip to HQ to see about the 10 + 2 thing. Oh dear.

  41. Don't fret chums, no need to worry. Have been off work for a few days with some 'orrible bastard of a bug which was frankly bloody awful, recovered enough to go into the office today but as a result am too knackered to write just now. Will definitely post tomorrow night :)

  42. Hooray! Koala isn't dead, which is good for him, and he's still in the job, which is good for us! Hooray!

  43. Thank goodness! I was getting a bit worried (and desperate for the comedy!)

  44. Oh and to be less selfish, hope you feel better SK! :P

  45. Was it a poo bug? I had a poo bug. Well, it was more like gravy, but it was coming from the same place, and I hadn't had any gravy...

    Hope you feel better and not at all sick anymore ever SK. FIGHT THE POWER SUPPLY!

  46. You said you'd post. You didn't. You know, sometimes I really wonder just where this relationship is going, Koala, I really do. I can only wait so long for a furry marsupial posting.

    *In the huff*. S.

  47. this also springs to mind...

  48. And for those who are lazy like me, the above in link form: