Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Song Of The Day

The Boss is singing, approximately to the tune of Copacabana :

"My name is Lu-KA!
Se-cond floor show-GIRL!"

There's something intensely disturbing about that.

All other issues remain floating and unresolved. In the meantime, if you haven't already, feel free to add your Koala on facebook.Further, feel absolutely free to nominate me for this, if you feel like doing so.

I'm trying very hard not to just walk out of here today as the depths of bullshit in which I am sinking are, um, deep. Hopefully I will get clear of this and attempt to be funny or entertaining or something again at some point.


  1. Nomination coming up.

    You're just out of luck on the Newcomer category (started a week too early) but you could be Humour, Personal or at a pinch, Business.

    Which would you prefer?

  2. So... is your bosses name Luka? Or is she just making up names?

  3. I thought she was bringing her not-inconsiderable confusion to town with a Suzanne Vega/Barry Manilow mash-up. Frightening.

  4. This is it, the start of the end. Eventually her ditty will evolve into "His name was Koala"... and then you'll be in trouble.

    Meanwhile hang on in there, purely for my own selfish reasons. I'm addicted to this blog and have voted accordingly (two categories...)

  5. nominated you for personal and humour, love the blog koala! please hang in there for all our sakes! Clare x

  6. I nomintated you as well! Love your blog. Hang in there, maybe one day someone will put her in an institution when they realize how nutty she is...

  7. Just nominated you for best personal blog mate.

    PS - this may cheer you up, in fijian 'luka' means snot.

  8. I went for personal blog too.

    "My name is Luka
    I live on the second floor...
    ...Maybe it's because I'm crazy"

    Coincidence? I think not...

  9. Nominated. Good luck.

  10. I both nominated you and did the FB thing too - which is weird, because I never use FB.

    I was going to nominate you in the "best Irish language" category, but then I realised that "fuck" and "gobshite" probably don't count as Irish language in the way they intended.

  11. @Jesus Chris - no, you were right with your original decision. Fuck and gobshite are adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns in common usage in Belfast. I am struggling to find a usage for them as a preposition and would appreciate an update from any Norn Irish peeps who could perhaps provide a sentence using either Fuck or Gobshite (which I believe is more London-ish) as a preposition. Thank you muchly. QoP