Monday, 25 January 2010

Get Me The Internet On Line One

The Boss : "There's too much on the internet."


Here's me : "What are you looking for?"

The Boss : "The dimensions for a New Ford 88880."

Here's me : "Google 'New Ford 88880 dimensions'".

The Boss : "But there's lots of them."

Here's me : "Just pick one."

The Boss : "How do I know which one?"

Here's me : "Just pick one of the first results."

The Boss : "Why are there so many?"

I have no idea how to answer that sensibly, so didn't bother trying.

Here's me : "It's just the way it is. Just pick one."

The Boss : "It would be better if they just had one answer, for each thing."

Gulp. Take a breath.

Here's me : "You should tell them that."

The Boss : "Should I tell I.T.?"

Here's me : "No, tell the internet."

The Boss : "Who are they?"

Here's me : "Google them."


  1. @ Anon - had to delete that. Sorry. You understand I'm sure. Cheers.

  2. Let's hope she's never confronted by Google Street View. I can only try to imagine the resulting technological flap.

  3. Rather worryingly, her questions are reasonable (if very naive) and you're now the one who's not quite making our Earth-style sense here - this is how it begins, first mockery, then confusion - finally, she'll have taken over your BRAINZ!!

  4. @Timmo, it would be cool to do a fake Street View link to a webcam pointing at The Boss sitting at her computer. The webcam should be hidden in one of the mistrusted items of tech, like the fax...

  5. point out to her that if you type google into google it'll break the internet ( - from the IT Crowd.

  6. one day you'll do a columbine....i'm telling's coming...

  7. Find a way to direct her to and see if she thinks it's real. I bet she does.

  8. I would say, point her to but it'd almost certainly convince her that she is being hacked by devious forces!

  9. @Anonymous that's frickin' awesome, and look what comes up when you Google 'New Ford 88880 dimensions' - this blog! ha!

  10. Oh, I've just realised that The Boss might click on the first link she catches a glimpse of and find her working dementing life story right here... awkward for SK methinks! :P

  11. Luckily someone (who I know owe a pint to) wired me off to the potential danger here, so the specific model mentioned above is a fictitious one.

    Near shat meself.