Wednesday, 27 January 2010

English? Do you speak it?

The resolution of the scan farce has not yet happened as I haven't yet been asked "Did you get that done?", and certainly I am going to wait until I am asked, certainly, and then I am going to go fully fucking batshit.

Currently The Boss is blethering on about a booking from someone called Hercules going to Mantovani.

I can't bear to listen to much more of this shit, seriously.


  1. I've been reading this blog for a while (and finding it *extremely* hilarious) however I now fear for your sanity and suggest you quit. Now!

    Love from,

  2. The missus has a boss - one of many - who definitely falls into the batshit spectrum your gaffer occupies the ultra-violet ranges of. Last Friday was a leaving do for her PA, and she spent an entire speech talking about her good self instead of the PA. Worse still, halfway through the speech she started talking about her dead brother.

    What the fuck you're supposed to do with your face at the moment she drops the dead-bomb isn't clear, but your face definitely decides to carry on smiling.

    The PA in question decided to leave after the boss got her a white hand towel for Christmas.

    You're SO not alone.

  3. May be a silly question, but have you considered looking for a new job?

  4. Breathe little Koala. Just get high off some eucalyptus leaves, kick back and enjoy the day.

  5. No, he can't get a new job. What the fuck am I going to read then?

  6. I understand that all your loyal followers are just concerned for your sanity and mental wellbeing but suggesting you look for a new job is just going too far.

    *this opinion may be slightly clouded by my selfish need for The Boss updates to continue*

    Also, I read your blog on the bus on the way home last night and was laughing away then was saddened by this hypothetical thought... What if SK's blog went the way of Sleep Talkin Mans? What if it went global and was in the papers and on breakfast TV shows and the like and one day The Boss happened to read/see/hear about it?? It would be all over for this anonymous blog and I (and am sure loads others) would be gutted.

    So SK followers, shhhh, keep this wee gem to yourself in case it gets spoiled.

    (I think I might rely on this blog for laughs too much judging by the above)

  7. Thank you for the above people, going crazy alone would indeed be much worse. The knowledge that there are more Crazy Bosses out there is simultaneously pleasing and terrifying.

    I'm so getting The Boss a white hand towel for next Christmas.

  8. When I am sitting here at the computer screen, swearing at the uselessness of our management or the outright lunacy of our overseas bosses, SK always makes me laugh out loud and - more importantly - makes me realise that things here could be a LOT LOT worse.

    Stick with it SK, you are providing a valuable service to all of us coping with the madmen (or women)in charge !

  9. I think he's probably tried to get a new job, but The Boss provided a reference for "Ronan Keating."

  10. Hey hang in there SK, there are crazy bosses hiding in every corner of the globe. Mine converses in grunts. Yes. "Hmph.." the worst part is that I can now distinguish what each grunt means.
    So... you're not alone! Solidarity dude. Solidarity.