Thursday, 14 January 2010

Nods and Winks

Oh, it's going to get worse. Honestly. Seriously. I'm going to have to wait to tomorrow night and have a drink on hand before I tell you the rest.

Anyway, I must mention the following. Manuel the Waiter, firstly, is back from hiatus. Manuel is frankly beyond fucking brilliant and is probably one of the main original inspirations to start blogging this bollocks. You'll love it, seriously.

Longtime friend, former bandmate and generally top chap Marty is doing this interesting and worthwhile thing of being sober for a year and abstaining from anything stronger than caffeine for the duration. Donations are accepted on behalf of mental health charity SANE and if mental health or issues with substances is something that interests or affects you for whatever reason then you should take a look. 

Back shortly :)


  1. cheers koala man....tis good work yer doing...

  2. And He Who Is Known Unto Us As The Silent One speaks again to his people.

    I'm supposed to be going out tonight but I'm fairly sure I'm going to be stood up. I'm going to get RSI due to continually clicking Refresh until The Silent One speaks once more.

  3. Thanks very much dude! I just checked in to get a good fix of my favourite blog, for the first time since about the end of December.

    Wasn't expecting the mention.


    I was wondering where I was getting all those comments from.