Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Brilliant Spam

Class bit of spam I just got here :

To Whom It May Concern,

The H1N1 virus has drowned out the noise of the Mad Cow Disease, but that did not make it disappear. Here, at Disease.com (a non profit website), we are dedicated to spreading the awareness of disease preventions and treatments. After I read through your website, it is clear that your organization shares the same passion, that we do about Mad Cow awareness. If you could, please list us as a resource or host our social book mark button, it would be much appreciated. I hope to hear from you soon, we can expand minds; while changing the medical landscape.

Lisa Hope


  1. Ha!
    I like how they profile.

  2. ha! bless their little spam filled hearts....

  3. Judging by the jilted English, I sense a Nigerian scammer trying to get his foot in the door...

  4. Dear Lisa,

    I've had a quick look through your website, and thank you for your contact. I'd like to direct you to the following website to aid you in your quest against disease:

    How to use the semicolon properly.

    Fight the good fight.

  5. I dunno - it seems fairly well targetted to me. You're both keeping a website about a mad cow. What could be more fitting.

    Actually Koala, maybe the boss has CJD? You could sell her to the Nigerians for research!

  6. I should say wrap the boss in brown paper and post her off to them as a research donation.

  7. Serendipity: I just came from Speak You're Branes where there's a link to madcowtouristinfo.com which [it seems to me] is written by a mad cow. I wonder if she gets the same spam as you?

    Thanks for the blog - I have passed it on!