Monday, 18 January 2010

Damned If You Do

In a reversal of the usual state of affairs for a Monday morning, I was in work on time today and The Boss was late. Almost half an hour late, which is quite unusual for The Boss - oftentimes when I arrive in here (normally between five and ten minutes late), I get the distinct impression that The Boss has been here all night.

The Boss : "Sorry I'm late."

Here's me : "Hey, it happens. And you don't really need to apologise to me for being late anyway, you know."

The Boss, snidely : "I take it you were late too?"

Here's me : "No."

The Boss : "Because I was phoning you."

Here's me getting defensive : "Oh really now?"

The Boss : "I was, and you didn't answer. So you must have been late."

Here's me : "The phone has not rung."

The Boss : "Only because I couldn't remember your number."

Here's me : "Wha?"

Happy Monday.


  1. It's that fuckin Tomy Teletubby Telephone again.

  2. Not bad for the Boss, decent absent management technique.

  3. She is! She is! She's fucking with you! Check her bookmarks, I swear she's got a blog. Probably a photoblog, where she posts surreptitious pictures of the look on your face when she trots out little chestnuts like that.

  4. Is this what the "report abuse" tab at the top of page is for?

  5. Lol @ Mistress La Spliffe! There's a prize for the first person to track down the Boss's blog!

  6. It's not a blog she's after writing - she's an alien overlord from another dimension, trying to suss out how far they have to push us until we crack.

    Hang on in there, Silent Koala/Deep Throat - you're our best and only hope!!