Friday, 26 February 2010

Payday Payback

Well chums.

Today passed pretty much peacefully and uneventfully. Fuck am I glad. Good spirits.

I feel honour-bound to relate the following conversation to y'all.

The Boss : "When do we get paid?"

Here's me : "Monday."

The Boss : "Is it not today?"

Here's me : "Nope. Definitely not till Monday."

The Boss : "But today's the 26th?"

Here's me : "Yeah? So payday is Monday. The 29th... aahhaa fuck!"

We laughed. I hope you do too. Have a great weekend folks, and thank you for your continued support and commentary. Thanks also for nominating me for the Irish Blog Awards - much appreciated!

So anyway despite me being obviously a dunce in the area of knowing the number of days in February, that means I just got paid, and it's Friday, and I'm gonna hit the town.

Hope you all have a great one. I mean it.


  1. Cheers Koala, have a top weekend mate.

  2. Dude, considering the mental stress you deal with at work I think you can forgive yourself for a mistake like that.

  3. "We pour this drink, and we drink this drink becuase we think it's yummy. Over the tongue and down our throats to party in our tummy. CHEERS!"

  4. If you win an award, might your company find out about your blog?

  5. I have just stumbled upon your blog, and have started reading from the beginning. I have not yet finished March 2009, but already I am wondering if anyone has ever investigated whether your boss might have a brain tumor.

    Or a brain.

  6. heh...I spent a half hour on sunday wondering why I couldn't set my Monday post to automatically publish on the 29th of the 2nd....doh


  8. Don't feel bad, Sony thought there was a 29th Feb this year too!

  9. I'm betting that S.K also programmed the Sony Playstation 3's internal clock! :D

    (link here for those not in the know: