Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Otherwise Engaged

My desk is this large L-shaped sort of affair, with the computer and so on at the front end and a bit of space over to the right of me. When I've got my head buried in figures or whatever, I like to swivel my chair away from the screen and it's distractions and work at the bit of desk to my right hand side. This has the dual advantage that I then have my back to The Boss and therefore have a higher chance of concentrating.

I was in just such a position today, and very much lost in thought, when out of nowhere, and to my great shock, I felt something pressed against my left ear.

Now, The Boss, it is fair to say, does not normally move with catlike agility, and there is a reasonable distance between her desk and mine. I don't know how she covered the distance between the two without making a sound, except to suppose that she in some way employed the dark arts to cloak herself or perhaps somehow fold space.

Anyway, in a state of mild shock, I whirled about quickly, managing to strike myself quite squarely above the left eyebrow with the item she had snuck up behind me with and pressed against my left ear. The item in question, her mobile phone, clattered to the floor, and I recoiled in shock and a certain amount of horror at this unexpected proximity. The Boss in turn recoiled at my recoiling (um, recoilation?) and we were left then both staring at each other with the mobile phone lying on the floor between us.

Here's me, a bit shaky : "What the fuck are you doing?"

The Boss : "Is it engaged?"

Here's me : "What??"

The Boss : "My phone. I'm trying to phone Brazil. Do you think their engaged sound is the same as ours?"

Why does everything that happens in here have to be so... weird?


  1. yikes, creepy invasion of personal space and/or it could explain some sexual tension thing she's been harbouring for a long time, no?

  2. Oh, that's a horrible thought. And you know during the deed itself she'd be thinking of Ronan Keating.

  3. For once I feel I can laugh without feeling guilty. Well, too guilty...

  4. she sounds awesome....seriously....get a flip camera..

  5. Dude, I am pretty sure physical contact crosses a line.

  6. That Bloke in the Corner10 March 2010 at 08:08

    Proof positive I think, that the Boss is possessed and is now employing all her skills in the Dark Arts to ensnare you in to being her familiar. That, or she really is an escapee from a Victorian asylum.

  7. Bah, as far as that goes we gave up standing up and walking across the office for most things several months ago, and have since resorted to throwing things at each other. Like, 'can I borrow your stapler?' is asked, and next thing it comes whistling through the air. I'm ok with this, mostly because I'm the better aim.

  8. Pure pure lunacy.

    I mean, the kind of lunacy that ends up with someone sitting there in a pool of blood wondering what the hell just happened.

    Be very, very, careful.

    On a lighter note, one that doesn't involve death in any way, it'll be such a sad day when you leave that company.