Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Con Air

We received an email a short while ago from reception informing us that the air conditioning, which has been playing up lately, is being serviced by engineers at the weekend.

Here's me : "Oh, hey that's good news!"

The Boss : "Just make everything is off your desk."

Here's me : "But the air conditioning is nowhere near my desk?"

The Boss : "No, make sure everything is off your desk, all your files, all your quotes and everything, and locked in the cupboard, before the weekend."

Here's me : "Ummmm why?"

The Boss : "Because you never know who's coming in."

Here's me : "Do you think the air conditioning man might want to look through my files?"

The Boss, darkly : "You never know."


  1. Ye don't even have a sign in the window to indicate yer business even exists, so you lot *must* have something to hide....

  2. I Am The One You Warned Me Of.