Tuesday, 26 May 2009

GPS Is Not Infallible

Usually when I arrive in, somewhere between just on time and ten minutes late, The Boss is already here, waiting to make some sarky comment to the effect of "Good afternoon" and look at me suspiciously when I announce there are 18 vehicles piled up on the motorway or similar (sometimes it's even true)...

...for a while now I've suspected she actually sleeps in here, perhaps inverted, clutching the air conditioning vent with her toes or similar.

But today I arrive in only a few minutes late and all is still and silent.

A few minutes later the phone rings and :

The Boss : "I'm going to be late, about 11 o'clock before I'm in."

Here's me : "Ok."

The Boss : "I've got a puncture."

Here's me : "Um, ok. How did ya manage that?"

The Boss : "I reversed over a gravestone."



  1. Is she an inept vampire?

  2. As any evil vile creature she sleeps amongst the dead. Apparently she also parks her car there as well.