Thursday, 21 May 2009

Strongly Considering Wearing A Facemask To Work

As previously mentioned, The Boss is currently suffering from some kind of abominable lurgy, and The Boss never suffers alone.

The Boss : "*coff* I need my printer *coff* fixed."

Here's me : "Why?"

The Boss : "*coff* it's coming out all *coff* dirty *spleutch*"

Here's me : "What it actually needs, then, is cleaned."

The Boss : "How do *coff* we *achoo* clean it? *blllleeeeeuch*"

Here's me : "Open it up and clean the gunk out of it, for starters. Clean the rollers. Generally wipe the accumulated filth out of it."

The Boss is not big on cleanliness, tidyness, and so on. This can be evidenced by the empty coke cans and food wrappers that festoon her desk, or by her habit of collecting rotting fruit in her desk drawers. But bravely she decided to tackle the issue of the dirty printer - by opening the front of it, licking her finger, wiping the roller with her lurgy-bearing finger, then re-licking said finger and repeating this process until the rollers were free from fluff and toner but now covered in germ-infested saliva.

I am fully going to barf.

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