Thursday, 21 May 2009

You Might Ask Yourself

It's days like this, folks, when I have to ask myself serious questions.

The Boss is loaded with the flu, genuinely loaded, and appears to be determined to spread as much suffering around as possible. I've been here but 17 minutes today and already I want to quit. I'm just sitting here having mindless instructions barked at me by someone who refuses to so much as cover their mouth when coughing or wait till they've stopped chewing before spewing out inanities, today served in a special coating of germs and food particles.

It's been turning my mind for some time, as you may know, and now it's turning my stomach too.

I find myself wondering if this is worth it, or how much more of it I can take.

On a lighter note I see my fledgling blog has acquired now seven followers. Hello, welcome, and thank you. Feel free to comment folks, to pass remarks at will or to ask questions if you so desire.


1 comment:

  1. Hi.

    I read your blog over RSS because you comment on spEak You're bRanes and I followed the link and you and I have similar things.

    So yeah. We do exist.