Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wireless Technofail

The Boss purchased a digikal camera recently, and informed me one morning that she was having trouble getting the pictures onto her PC at home.

The Boss : "I can't get it to connect to my PC."

Here's me : "Let's see it a wee second... hmmm.. ok, what's happening when you try it?"

The Boss : "It won't connect."

Here's me : "Well, what happens when you plug it in?"

The Boss : "It won't plug in."

Here's me : "There's no USB socket on your PC at home?"

The Boss : "There is, but it's different."

Here's me : "No, definitely not - USB sockets are all the same."

The Boss : "Mine are different."

Here's me : "Nope, definitely not - USB, Universal. All the same."

The Boss : "Mine are definitely different."

I'm not gonna bother arguing this, so instead -

Here's me : "Ok, let's try it here and see."

So I plug the camera in to The Bosses work PC here, and up pops the folder full of photos.

Here's me : "Ok, do you want these copied to your PC then?"

The Boss : "Go ahead then."

So I did.

And that was all ok, until the following day.

The Boss : "Those photos aren't on my PC."

Here's me : "Did you delete them?"

The Boss : "No, they were never there."

Here's me : "But... we were looking at them on your PC yesterday?"

The Boss : "No, my PC at home."

Here's me : "Er... how the hell would they have got onto your PC at home?"

The Boss : "But you said yesterday you were copying them on to my PC."


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