Friday, 27 March 2009

Down With This Sort of Thing

The Boss : "Where's Honkey-joke?"

Here's me : "Er... dunno, what's the punchline?"

The Boss : "Honky-jokey?"

Here's me : "Um... Honkajoki? Finland?"

The Boss : "No, it's in Denmark. I thought you knew everything."

That's a blood-boiler right there. I hear that phrase a couple of times a week, any time I don't know the answer to some nonsense question. It appears that I give the impression of being A Smartarse. This is probably because I am usually right. No, no shit, I am. I have a habit of not opening my mouth at all until I think and/or seek information, and of not just saying the first random-asspiss-thought that comes to mind, which means that in here, I'm quite often correct. This is plainly causing a lot of irritation. Perhaps I should blurt out inanities more often, in order to be accepted or something.

So anyway I go and read what's on The Boss's screen and it's "Havkajak", which is indeed in Denmark. I don't know for certain how it's pronounced but if it's enunciated "Honkey-Jokey" I'll actually fry and eat my own member.


  1. And how would you like that served, sir, rare, medium, well-done? And what side would sir like with sir's order of fried member?

  2. Bleu, please. With my tossed salad on the side.

  3. You want your salad tossed now?

  4. I know this is a very late reply, but I've only just stumbled upon this brilliant blog of yours.

    I thought I'd chip in tho. I'm danish and "Havkajak" is not a place, it's a word. It's simply our word for a sea kayak.

    Also, it's pronounced: How-Kayak. So no need to dismember yourself just yet...

  5. Hi & welcome Timothy -
    Thanks for this info! As ever, the answers only lead to more questions...