Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Non-Appliance Of...

So during that last episode while lingering in The Bosses territory, I noticed that at the end of every e-mail she is typing out the full e-mail signature, which is in this format :

Best Regards,

Silent Koala

Ridiculous Bastard Shipping Ltd.

None of Your Business Centre
Futility House
1 Nowhere Street
Telephone: xxxxxxxxxxx

Fax: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All business of the Company is transacted under the Standard Trading Conditions of the International Freight Association (IFA STC) that restrict or exclude the Company’s liability, a current edition of which is available upon request.

For real!

I was momentarily tempted to advise that it is not actually necessary to manually type this at the end of each e-mail, but... I don't want to 'blind her with science', y'see.

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