Thursday, 12 March 2009

She Asked Me For a Double Entendre, So I Gave Her One

OK, fair's fair and all that.

I like to be a person who exerts a good level of control over what comes out of my mouth, mainly because I am dealing endlessly with people for whom English is a second language, and feel it is my duty to make myself clearly and easily understood as much as possible - and it winds me up no end that the people I have most trouble understanding on the phone are usually people from this same country who simply can't be bothered to unfurl their tongues long enough to form complete sentences.

However a few moments ago a nice lady called me to tell me she was delivering some items to the port ('dropping' them is standard industry-speak) and so I have just uttered the phrase "No problem, I'll get right back onto you, just let me know when you're dropping them.", which I probably could have got away with if I hadn't stopped then giggled.

Coffee plz.

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