Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sell Crazy Someplace Else - We're All Stocked Up Here

I have literally just walked into the office and sat down when this begins.

The Boss : "Did you get a number?"

Here's me : "Wha?"

The Boss : "Did you get a number this morning?"

Here's me : "A number for what?"

The Boss : "For your customer."

Here's me : "Who?"

The Boss : "A thing. Did you get a thing from Kirsten?"

Here's me : "What thing? Who's Kirsten?"

The Boss : "Carson."

Here's me : "Who's Carson?"

The Boss : "Carson Munich" (mumbled - I think that's what she said anyway)

Here's me : "Who the hell is Carson Munich?"

The Boss : "Kuehne and Nagel. Did you get a number from them?"

Ok, finally a name that actually means something to me, but I still have no idea what this conversation is about.

Here's me : "A number for what? Was I supposed to get a number from them?"

The Boss : "An answer from them. Did you get an answer from them?"

Here's me : "An answer to what???"

The Boss : "An answer on the phone."

Here's me : "I haven't phoned them!"

The Boss : "I thought you phoned them this morning."

Here's me : "I've only just walked in the bloody door! You just watched me walk in!"

The Boss : "Don't be smart with me."


It's too early for this shit.

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  1. it pains me to read these it really does :"(