Wednesday, 24 June 2009

ACME Spam Generator

The Boss : "What's an H - I - Five friend request?"

Here's me : "Spam."

The Boss : "What do I do with it?"

Here's me : "Block it."

The Boss : "How?"

Here's me (no way am I getting into this) : "Just delete it."

With me so far?

A short while later:

The Boss : "Who's 'coyote'?"

Here's me : "Coyote?"

The Boss : "Coyote."

Here's me : "Coyote, as in Wil-E-Coyote?"

The Boss : "No, that's key-o-t. This is coy-o-t."

Here's me : "Aghhh... How do you spell this?"

The Boss : "K-U-Y-E-T"

Here's me (sigh) : "Never heard of it. Or them. Or him. Where are you reading this off?"

The Boss : "The H-I-Five Friend Request."

Here's me (sigh) : "It's just spam. Just delete it."

The Boss : "I thought he was a customer of ours."

Here's me (sigh) : "I really don't think he is."

The Boss : "Didn't we have a customer called something like that?"

Here's me (sigh) : "Possibly. I don't know. But it's just spam. Just delete it."

The Boss : "Ah, no, it was Kuwait I was thinking of."

Here's me (facepalm) : "Ah, right. Kuwait. Right. More of a country, than a customer, y'know."

The Boss : "Yeah. Well, we ship there, that's why I thought of it."

Here's me : "Ah. OK. Right. All makes sense now, for sure."

The Boss : "So why are Kuwait sending me H-I-Five Friend Requests?"

Here's me, white knuckled : "It's just spam. It's nothing. Just delete it."

The Boss : "I just think it's a bit suspicious."

Here's me, losing cabin pressure : "Whyyyy?"

The Boss : "Well, we ship to Kuwait don't we?"

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