Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Conversational Juggernaut

The Boss : "Have you sent that arrival notice to Mark?"

Here's me : "Yeah, I did it yesterday."

The Boss : "Because he'll need that to get release at Halifax."

Here's me : "Yeah, I did it yesterday?"

The Boss : "If he doesn't get it in time they'll charge him storage."

Here's me : "Aghhh...."

The Boss : "So you need to do that."

Here's me : "-"

The Boss : "Are you going to send it then?"

What's the fucking point, honestly?


  1. Your boss has a glowing future in politics!

  2. Very possibly!

    Or perhaps as an interrogator?

  3. This blog is bringing back some horrible 'Nam level flashbacks for me, of an old boss...

    The way they can just bumble thru the day not hearing anything they don't want to and assuming everyone else is wrong, honestly, bludgeoning them with a paperweight should not be a crime but a charitable action.