Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Wheels Have Come Off

The Boss : "What's the width of a car?"

Here's me : "What kind of car?"

The Boss : "Just the body."

Here's me : "Wha?"

The Boss : "Just the car body."

Here's me : "As opposed to?"

The Boss : "Without the tracks."

Here's me : "A car on tracks?"

The Boss : "Would the car be wider than the tracks?"

Here's me : "A car on tracks?"

The Boss : "It doesn't sit flush to the tracks though."

Here's me : "A... car... on... tracks?"

The Boss : "Do you think it's going to be wider than the tracks with the tracks off?"

Here's me : "Wha?"

I'll let you know how this one ends up, if I ever find out.


  1. is it remotely possible that the insane female is talking about train carriages? actually no, scrap that, it would make far too much sense.

  2. It transpires she was talking about a crane. Crane/car/crane/car. I mean they're vaguely similar words, aren't they?

  3. scary biscuits - so not only do you have to cope with additional syllables in words and general anagram chaos, you now need to factor in missing letters in the anagrams.