Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I'm Sorry, Did I Break Your Concentration?

Barely have I sat down at the desk this morning.

The Boss : "Don't forget you have to sort out that load to France today."

Here's me : "Done, sorted it yesterday."

The Boss : "And that container for Romania."

Here's me : "Yeah, that's sorted too."

The Boss : "And there's those two trucks going to Rigger."

Here's me even though I know full well what she means : "Rigger?"

The Boss : "Rigga..."

Here's me : "Riga?"

The Boss : "Yeah, don't forget to sort those."

Here's me : "They're already sorted."

The Boss : "And those documents for Francis."

Here's me : "Posted them yesterday."

The Boss : "With the right exchange rate?"

Here's me : "Yes, checked it, 1.64"

The Boss : "I was sure it was 1.63"

Here's me waving a piece of paper : "No, 1.64, look."

The Boss : "But did you remember to take off the fuel surcharge?"

Here's me : "Yes."

The Boss : "And you need to sort out that van in Tilbury."

Here's me : "Sorted it last night."

The Boss, accusingly : "And you were supposed to phone Terry first thing this morning."

Here's me, wearily : "I'll phone him now."

The Boss, angrily : "Why haven't you haven't phoned him already?"

Here's me, resignedly : "Because since I sat down you have been telling me to do an endless list of things that I've already done?"

The Boss : "Well, if I didn't keep prodding you, you'd never do anything."

Pass me a hammer.

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