Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Am I Missing Something?

I've been off sick for a couple of days, so as a result of having to do some work in the interim The Boss is in a very bad mood with me today, and will doubtless be finding excuses to pick on me for anything possible. Oh well. So anyway I just sat down at the desk this morning and the office is a bit stinky; bins haven't been emptied, that sort of thing. This is a 'serviced office', which I'm glad of; apart from the lunacy of working in here, the actual building itself is rather a nice place to work in. Y'know, the bins get emptied every day and apart from the piles of documents on every flat surface the place is generally kept quite clean and such. Anyway :

Here's me : "Were the cleaners off the last few days?"

The Boss : "Why?"

Here's me : "The place is a bit mingy today, y'know."

The Boss, haughtily : "You shouldn't be expecting other people to clean up after you anyway."


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