Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Madness of King Boss, pt III

Follow up to this.

I had to look for something on The Boss's computer, and saw a curious thing in the Recent Documents list.

I would remind you, in case it's not clear (it's no longer clear to me, I confess) that we are allegedly a shipping company, there are only two of us in here, and The Boss is allegedly the boss. I'd love to know just what the fuck/why the fuck, and so on. If she's just pissing about while I do all the work, that's one thing, but given the history detailed upon these pages, I can't help but suspect darker motives.

My favourite parts are the indication of items of furniture such as chairs; "table with chairs round" is a lovely piece of English; almost sadly, the spelling of "electric meter" has been corrected; but the pièce de résistance is surely the very helpful indication of "Outside". Superb stuff.


  1. time for an update?

  2. and don't i feel stoopid now...

    lots of updates and here i am stuck on what i thought was the home page...

    lol, poor koala, even your followers are dumbass..

  3. Jesus fucking Christ. Is that EXCEL? To do a floorplan?!

  4. So she won't use Excel to add numbers, but she'll use it for a floor plan?!?!?!