Thursday, 9 July 2009

Internal Server Error

For personal-type reasons, The Boss might be working from home for a while; may I have a "woo" with a side order of "hoo", a smattering of "yeehaw" and a quick "hell yeah!" please?

Anyway. Never runs smooth, so here we go, into the negotiations and logistics :

The Boss : "Would I be able to take that spare computer with me, and work from home?"

Here's me : "Yeah, don't see why not. You have internet in the house, don't you? It should be simple enough."

The Boss : "Yeah, I have BT internet."

Here's me : "Fine then, it should be easy enough."

The Boss : "Will I just plug it in and it'll work straight away?"

Here's me : "Depends.. is your internet wireless?"

The Boss : "Don't know."

Here's me : "Is there a wire from your home computer to the phone line?"

The Boss : "No. There's a hub."

Here's me : "But is the hub connected to the computer?"

The Boss : "I think it's connected to the server."

Here's me : "I'm fairly sure you don't have a server at home. Is there a wire between the hub and the computer, or is it wireless?"

The Boss : "No, I think it's wireless."

Here's me : "Is it a laptop?"

The Boss : "No, it's an old PC."

Here's me : "Right, so there's a wireless card, looks like a wee box maybe with an aerial on it, in the back of your computer?"

The Boss : "No, it's wireless."

Here's me : "No no, I mean just plugged into the computer itself, just a little box in the back?"

The Boss : "No, there's a hub."

Here's me : "No, I mean... I mean, how does your computer physically connect to the telephone line?"

The Boss : "Firefox."

Here's me : "Aagghhh... Look, is there a wee box or card or similar that sticks out of a USB socket on the back of your computer, and isn't connected to anything else, and maybe has an aerial or antenna of some kind on it?"

The Boss : "Do you mean the dongle?"

Here's me :"YES! Yes I do! That's the wireless card! Great!"

The Boss : "But there's a wire on it."


Here's me : "A wire on the dongle? What kind of wire on the dongle?"

The Boss : "A wee sticky up one."

Deep breaths.

Here's me : "So yeah, just put the, uh, the dongle into the new PC when you take it home, and it should connect to the net... do you have a password on the router?"

The Boss : "There's a code..."

Here's me : "OK, just put that code into..."

The Boss : "...but I don't have it."

Here's me : "Actually it's probably a very complicated process, this, now that I think about it. I think you'd better phone the IT guy."


  1. Firefox physically connects her PC to the internet? Does it carry little data packets to-and-forth in it's little mouth, spitting them down the phone line?

    I think you boss's life is actually one huge piece of performance art!

  2. Awesome; also perfectly summarising the life of anyone who finds themselves doing phone-based IT support for their family. Me, for instance.

    (I have read back in your posts as far as I can without having to stitch up my sides. Stoke-on-Trent killed me.)

  3. There is a IT guy out there somewhere who will kill you if He reads this and finds out you adviced her to call him!