Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Flat Earth Society

The Boss : "What would the Philippines come under?"

Here's me : "Asia."

The Boss : "For a marine insurance form though?"

Here's me : "South-East Asia."

The Boss : "Not Pakistan? Pakistan is a higher rate."

Here's me : "No, South-East Asia."

The Boss : "Or Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka's a higher rate too. Is Sri Lanka not in Asia?"

Here's me : "Yeah, it's probably higher for war risk, and yes, Sri Lanka is in Asia, but the Philippines are not in Sri Lanka. For insurance purposes the Philippines are classed as South-East Asia."

The Boss : "Would it be India? India's a different rate as well."

Here's me practically in tears : "No, India is about three thousand miles west of the Philippines."

The Boss : "Oh. Would it be West Indies then?"

Fuckin' hell, like. This woman has been working in shipping for TWENTY SEVEN YEARS.

Scarier yet, she's been managing to breathe unassisted for even longer. How?

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