Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Well This Just Sucks

As mentioned in the previous post, I've been absent due to illness.

Background here : We are the Dublin office, staffed by just us two, of a larger company based in England. You might wonder why the hell I persist with this penance; largely because the company itself is a good company to work for in many respects.

So anyway during my absence various issues have of course been completely ignored, various problems stockpiled for me to sort out, but The Boss has kindly assisted by taking care of my invoicing; this is a very simple, straightforward task, the nice bit at the end of the work where we get to make some money from it; which in addition to sending invoices to customers also puts through the profit figures for individual operators to head office.

Do you see what has happened here?

Thanks a fucking bunch, like.

I mean really.

Fuck this.


  1. Y'know that's probably worth taking up with *her* boss. That's potentially your livelihood she's stealing.

  2. Yeah, radioguitar, it is. This one isn't even remotely funny. The difficulty I have with trying to report any of the nastier shennanigans that go in here is trying to somehow report these to higher powers or get something done about them while trying to do this in such a way as the knock-on effects don't make my day to day existence completely unbearable, if that makes sense.

    Anyway, in this case, I'm going to casually phone the MD about something unrelated, and when he asks how things are going, I'll tell him that yes I'm insanely busy but The Boss has been kindly helping me out with my invoicing so it's under control...


  3. Dublin? Everything else gave me the impression you were in Belfast.

  4. Per LightBulb's comment, if you're 60 miles from Portrush, then you're in Belfast, not Dublin. Are you sure that TB is the only one in that office with a geography problem?