Tuesday, 27 October 2009


The Boss : "P&O Freight Ferries is just basically..."

She waves her hand vaguely in the air, as if it finishes the sentence. It sounds like a question, but I'm not sure what the question is. I wait.

The Boss : "Isn't it?"

Here's me : "Isn't it what?"

The Boss : "Except we don't have it."

Here's me : "What?"

The Boss : "The address."

Here's me, through the throbbing pain developing in my head : "Are you asking me for the address for P&O Freight Ferries?"

The Boss : "Yes..."

Here's me : "OK! Now we're getting somewhere! Now, which branch of P&O Freight Ferries would you like the address for?"

The Boss, staring at the screen : "Uh... King George Dock, Hedon Road, Hull."

Here's me : "aaaaaaaaaAAAaaaghhh......"


  1. you should submit these conversations to MIT and ask them to make a translator for the woman.

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  3. First time visitor and read your blog straight through - wow. Makes me glad I gave up corporate life to become an indigent musician. Who needs regular meals, anyway? I have my sanity. Thanks for the great read...

  4. I think I love you, you know.

  5. @ anna - I think they'd probably take out a contract on me if I did so...

    @ Jennifer - hats off to you for doing so! I only started in this line of work to myself slightly less indigent until my own musical aspirations made me rich. Sadly, that was 14 years ago.

    @ amanda - *blushes*

  6. Pure genius love it all .......ps Can I borrow a paper clip

  7. *cough* It's a good job you didn't mention there being two Hedon Roads in Hull... ;-)

    Great read: glad these exchanges are being captured in order to teach future generations about the kinds of thing which can drive a person to sit atop a clock tower with a scoped rifle looking to redress the balance of their life.

  8. I wonder how she came to be a boss.Sounds way too ditzy. Or did the last department give her a glowing report in order to move her on?