Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Rumours Of My Demise...

Well now.

I must admit that for a while there, the weight of this daily lunacy had dragged me down, and I had felt disinclined to relate my tiny tragic tales. However, I must report to readers old and new that I am still here, The Boss is still crazy, and updates detailing the events since my silence began shall commence shortly.

With much furry marsupial love,


  1. this blog fills my largely empty work day. i look forward to being further entertained by it.

  2. 3 Cheers! Thought the boss had sent you back to Koalaland (not that she would know where that is mind you!)

  3. am a new follower to this blog and it certainly made my train ride home yesterday hugely entertaining.. people were looking at me funny though when i would burst out laughing.

  4. Just stumbled onto this blog the other day, and was disappointed to see that it hadn't been updated for a bit! Quite amusing. :)