Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I am Not a Complete Git (honestly)

I finally caved in on the James Wightman episode. There is no way in hell I was finding his info alone, what with the completely empty filing cabinets and unsuccessfully attempts to delve into this nightmare :

So anyway I made the call. And I was intending to ask where the hell our files were, and why boss deletes all the Sent Items from her e-mail, and other pertinent questions regarding various persons previously unknown to me phoning me and demanding information, but : The Boss sounded so forlorn, almost in tears, and utterly despondent, that I must confess I hadn't the heart. She has now been in gay Paris since Sunday night and I suspect that she may be faring badly; two days of getting dirty looks from Parisienne waiters after first blurting out "BAWN-Jew-OOR" and then complaining that the menu consists of things she'd never eat and was there any chance of prapper food like chicken 'n chips...

... I truly do have the greatest of sympathy for all involved.

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