Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Skeletons in the Closet?

Strange but true.

Off from the main office here is a little back room which we use for storage. In it are four of those standard office-type filing cabinets, in which our files are, um, filed. The files for the last year or so go in there, and then after a year are boxed up and moved to permanent storage - the theory being that while we legally have to keep files for ten years, after a year we're not likely to need to actively consult them.

Anyway, I had a call from one James Wightman this morning - it seems he does exist after all, sort of - and in the absence of The Boss I knew not what he was yammering on about (since I've never heard of him outside of her insane gibberings) and so I told him I'd dig out his file and get back to him.

This should be straightforward enough since the filing cabinets have four drawers each, labelled "January", "February" and so on. Except the one I was looking for, the "March" drawer, was empty. Checking the other drawers I discover they are empty too. In fact all of the filing cabinets are completely and utterly empty.

I have not been appraised of anything involving our files leaving the building. Furthermore I have not seen The Boss's rotund porsonage leaving the building with a couple of hundred kilos of files, I surely would have passed comment and perhaps raised one eyebrow in no uncertain manner.

As René Descartes once maybe said, "Ouat Le Phuque??".

Answers on a postcard.

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