Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Zut Alors!

The requirement has come up for a person from this office to go to Paris for business purposes.

We shall not dwell on the fact that when someone has to go to, say, Grimsby or similar, it's me who does the travelling, but on this occasion I'll be back here manning the orifice. Because to dwell on that would make me sound bitter.

So anyway this is a product and/or service that I can fully endorse, for the simple reason that if she's in Paris she ain't here. So for the last hour or so I've been attempting to book The Boss flights and a hotel in Paris that meet with her stringent, ever changing and utterly insane requirements. With her watching over my shoulder and raping the French language helpfully reading out what I can see for myself on the screen throughout.

This has been every bit as painful as you would imagine. And here I am going to have to ask you to imagine it for yourself, because I can't even bring myself to recount the full horror; if I tell you that the first while was spent cancelling the initial flight booking she made herself as she'd booked the return journey for the incorrect month, and that she'd managed to book herself two rooms in the hotel, will you let me off the hook with further details please?

On the plus side, I get the office to myself for a few days and there's a strong possibility that she might get beaten with sticks by some angry French folk within the first twenty minutes of arriving at "Rosey Charles Doo Ghoul". Party on.

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