Monday, 20 April 2009

What's In a Name?

So, as explained, The Boss is in Paris. The event in Paris is a construction machinery exhibition, where various makers of construction machinery (the shipping of which is our bread and butter, so to speak) demonstrate new models, etc.

So The Boss phoned, again, just now :

"Have you heard of a German company called Bo.."

Here's me : "Bo...?"

The Boss On Crackly Line Through Useless Handsfree Kit In Noisy Environement : "Bo-matic.."

Here's me : "Um, no."

The Boss : "They seem like a massive company, they have lots of stands here."

Here's me : "Hang on.. is it 'Baumaschinen'"?

The Boss : "Yeah, do you know them then?"

Here's me : "Ahhh....."

('Baumaschinen' is German for 'Construction Machinery')

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